Brief Report on Release of Citizens' Report and Odisha Social Watch Report --2013

Odisha Social Watch Released its 2013 Report ‘An Analysis of Budget Session 2012’ along with the ‘Citizens’ Report on Governance and Development 2013’ on 13th of May 2014 at DRTC in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Representatives from different Civil Society Organisations had assembled along with different media persons.
Shri. Pradeep Mohapatra of UDYAM moderated the programme.  Shri.P. K. Sahoo, Chairman-CYSD, had welcomed the participants and gave the ‘Background of Social Watch’.Ms. Farha Iman, Advocacy and Communication Officer of National Social Watch, Delhi and Ms. Soumita Chakraborty of Advocacy Officer of CYSD presented the findings of the “Citizens’ Report on Governance and Development-2013”.

Ms. Soumita Chakraborty had dealt with the first two chapters such of the report that are Parliament and Executive. Under parliament she talked about recent developments in and around Parliament, productivity of members etc. Under Executive, she focused on the different policies and programmes.  The last two chapters Judiciary and Local Governance were presented by Ms. Farha Iman. The Major points of presentations were about the land mark cases in which judiciary played very critical role. In the last chapter, she discussed the major accomplishments, Issues and challenges of Local Governing Bodies.  

Shri. Subrat Kumar Rout Ji Advocacy Coordinator of CYSD, presented Odisha Social Report was based on the “Analysis of Budget session 2012 of Odisha Legislative Assembly”. He talked about the objective of the study, presented an intrinsic analysis and key features of the budget session.  Once the presentation of “Odisha Social Watch Report-2013” was over, the President of the National Social Watch Shri. Jagadananda had released both the Reports and the copies of the Reports were circulated among all participants and Media representatives.

Afterwards, open discussion started in which people share their ideas and suggestions. Shri. Pradeep Mohapatra delivered the vote of thanks. The programme was successful and covered by reputed media houses such as Business standard, The Hindu, Times of India and Asian Age.   




  • Parliament
  • NSW monitors the health of Indian Parliament by examining and establishing some worrying trends in the way in which the Parliament functions and conducts its business. Read more
  • Judiciary
  • NSW study the specific cases to understand the mind of the Judiciary. Under this section NSW analyzes issues and proposals on judicial accountability and reforms. Read more
  • Executive
  • NSW analyses the structural challenges in the Executive such as the conflict of interest between the Parliament and the Executive and within the Executive and related issues. Read more