Uttar Pradesh Social Watch released the Citizens’ Report on Governance and Development 2013


 Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Action network (UPVAN) organized a state level consultation for the chief functionaries of voluntary organsiations in UP on the theme of Challenges and Opportunities faced by the voluntary sector at present context. It was the most appropriate occasion to release the Citizens’ report of Governance and Development published by National Social Watch.

 UPVAN executive coordinator Prabhat Failbus welcomed the representatives from the voluntary organizations (members of UPVAN) and the members of executive board of UPVAN, in the beginning. He also welcomed Me Santosh Singh, representative from NSW to this programme. Thereafter, a brief introduction session of the members present was conducted to know the location, coverage and the focus of the development programmes undertaken by the organisation in their respective areas.

After this, Citizen’s report on GOVERNANCE and DEVELOPMENT 2013 by National Social Watch was released formally. The report was released by Mr Bharat Bhushan, Chairperson UPVAN, Mr Ashok Singh, Secretary UPVAN, Mr Santosh Singh, NSW Delhi and Mr Harsh Jaitli, VANI in presence of the representatives of voluntary organisations.

 Then, Mr Santosh Singh was invited to make a presentation about the Citizens’ report. Besides, giving introduction about the NSW and its work, he provided an over view of the Citizens report for immediate understanding of the audience. He mentioned in his presentation that citizens’ report cover the following apex institutions of the governance:

 ·        The Legislature

 ·        The Executive

 ·        The Judiciary

·        The Local Governing Bodies.

 He shared with the members selected data from the report on some of the topics which were quite informative as well as startling. The members found the information, thus shared, very useful and motivating to read whole report for better understanding.

 Mr Ashok Singh, in his remarks appreciated the work of NSW in this regard and emphasized the need of such reports for the benefit of common people not only for the information but also for  appropriate action to make governance and development more citizens’ friendly. He also shared UPVAN’s long association with NSW and its working in collaboration.

Later, in open discussion, members were appreciative of the work of NSW and felt that similar type of reports are needed on other development issue like gender, state of water, health etc. It was agreed among the members that more discussion will be needed in this regard and partnership with NSW needs to be maintained for future collaboration. On behalf of UPVAN, Ashok ji assured the house for taking this further.

At the end, special thanks were given to NSW for this report and for the participation of Mr. Santosh Singh at the release of this report.

The consultation was organized at SSK Lucknow by UPVAN on Feb 16, 2014 for the representative of voluntary organisations in Uttar Pradesh. The sudden change in weather (heavy rains and fall in temperature) in Lucknow and around has affected the participation than expected.


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