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NEW DELHI: The number of Bills passed by Parliament declined from 47 in 2008 to 41 in 2009; more than 40 lakh cases were pending in State High Courts by December 31 last year. Many such findings were released here

As many as 128 members of the Lok Sabha, forming nearly a fourth of the strength of the lower House, fall in the categories of “industrialist/trader/businessperson/ builder.” In the Rajya Sabha, MPs from these groups (25 out of 245) account

An NSWC study says 128 of the 543 members of the 15th LS come from the business class. Will this colour public policy? Insider Trading? P.B. Kore of the BJP, M.A.M. Ramaswamy of the JD(S), D.R. Meghe, Cong: standing committee on health

Swasthaye Sushasan Par Nagrik Report-2011 Ka Vimochan 

The Hindu 9 July 2007 Speaking after receiving the report, Dr. Singh stressed the need for more public accountability of institutions of governance such as the judiciary and Parliament. He said institutions such as Social Watch were important to monitor

The Release of Social Watch Report on Karnataka Legislative Assembly and Council, 2011-2012

  A social watchdog has expressed concern over the fact that 25 per cent of the Lok Sabha members of Parliament are industrialists, traders, businessmen and builders, saying that this can cause a potential of conflict of interest.The citizens' report on

The Vice President of India Shri M. Hamid Ansari has said that the Indian Parliament has performed its essential legislative, deliberative and accountability functions with a fair degree of success. Delivering inaugural address at a Seminar on “EVALUATING COMMITTEES AND

Vidhaan Sabha istar baithakon me girawat chintajanak

Working of Gujarat Assembly : An Analysis (8th session : 24.02.2011 to 30.03.2011) A discussion meet was organized on 18.02.2012 at Ahmedabad to share the outcomes of an analysis of last budget session (8th session of 12th Gujarat Assembly).More than

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