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New Delhi, January 19 (PTI) There is a proliferation of people with criminal record fighting elections, blurring the line between crime and politics further, a report by an NGO alleged.   There is a proliferation of people with criminal record fighting elections,

The Hindu:Recommending a reduction in the number of parliamentary committees, a research paper has called for induction of experts from academia and civil society into these forums in an advisory capacity. It has also called for frequent meetings of presiding

A recent study suggests an imaginative range of administrative reforms. How many are actually workable? India’s higher civil services are today in conditions of grave decline, both in public estimation and in its outcomes of tangible public service. In an engaging

 How difficult would it be to assess MPs on their performance in the house, to guarantee their re-election to the house? The Citizens’ Report on Governance and Development 2010, released by National Social Watch, reveals that it is actually irrelevant how

Rhetoric and Reality: Report says House standards declining

15 December 2008 Civil society leaders and members of planning commission came together in a consultation on the "Role of Civil Society in the 11th Five Year Plan" with the objective of exploring the institutional mechanisms for participation of civil

"Half of the Rs. 13,000 crores given to the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (NREGP) to provide jobs for the rural poor during 2005-06 has been allowed to lapse. This is just one of the many details highlighted by the

Sansad aur vidhan sabhaon main Garima ki girawat

A SURYA PRAKASH : The idea of a vibrant, independent and accountable parliament is central to making democracy work. In a parliamentary democracy like India, the responsibilities, roles and function of the parliament increase manifold. One of the biggest achievements

Shasan va vikas per Nagrik Report jari

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