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SHRADHA KUMAR/SANJAY UPADHYAYA:  In a report on auditing institution of the State for making democracy work, the section on Panchayats become critically important as the introduction of the Panchayat Raj system through the 73rd Constitutional Amendment is the most definitive

(Published: Thursday, Apr 12, 2012) To give an example, the book of starred questions tabled in the house on February 27 shows that two MLAs asked the same question but their queries were listed at different places in the same

“The chief minister does not actively participate in the Assembly discussions. “Probably in the assembly, the chief minister is bound by parliamentary norms and hence did not speak much,” added Pandya, while releasing the report in Ahmedabad, the state capital.

Gujarat Social Watch: Release of 6th Citizens' Report on Governance And Development 2010 by the Honorable Leader of Opposition in Assembly on 9th June 2011.

Reacting to the plight of tribals in mining affected areas of Orissa, highlighted by renowned activist, Padmashree awardee Tulsi Munda, Hameed said: 'I understand the plight and the 11th plan will address some of them." Munda said: 'Parliament and state

"If you thought parliament was all about 'democracy at work', read on. Slogan shouting, walk-outs and boycotts resulted in parliament losing 26% of its time to interruptions in the 14th Lok Sabha. " shocking waste of time, considering that each

New Delhi, Dec. 23: What’s the difference between a class topper and a Parliament topper?Answer: A class topper gets promoted, a Parliament topper can get dumped.A study has revealed that the five best performing MPs in the previous Lok Sabha

GN Bureau | New Delhi | September 12 2011 Chinky Shukla Jesudasu Seelam   Do regional parliamentarians have a voice in Indian democracy?  What is the role of parliamentary committees? What exactly is the ambit of a parliamentarian?   Questions like these were pondered upon at

Despite a dramatic uptake in the economy in recent years, satisfactory social outcomes have eluded India, where mass poverty and near-chaotic civic life refuse to go away. Among the reasons identified for this is its decrepit public administration. Pointing in

“The index shows that despite our (India’s) economic growth, we are still way behind on providing basic amenities to people,” said Amitabh Jha, of Social Watch-India, a conglomeration of civil society groups in India.   Indian Express India can’t end poverty by

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