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Chattisgarh Social Watch Report 2011

By Namrata Biji Ahuja New Delhi, January 20 Parliament is wasting time on political controversies, reveals the Citizen's Report on Governance and Development - 2006, prepared by the National Social Watch Coalition, that was released on Thursday by former Prime

Indian Express Vice-President Hamid Ansari, who is Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, on Tuesday advocated that political parties should restrict whips to only those Bills and Motions which could threaten the survival of a government to enable freedom to MPs

Decriminalisation of crime happens at police stations' covered by THE HINDU

April 6, 2009 Outlook India: Each minute of a Parliament disruption cost the exchequer Rs 26,035.   Each minute of a Parliament disruption cost the exchequer Rs 26,035. As India prepares to elect a new Parliament, a latest study shows that our

The rich man's shadow looms large over our corridors of power, suggests a recent report on governance, MPs and development:Sadiq Naqvi Delhi. Several top industrialists and moguls with financial interests in the burgeoning and largely privatised health and education sectors

Dignity is in short supply and govts are responsible for it More than anything else, dignity seems to be in short supply the world over. Take dignity as a sum total of basic human rights, or the freedom to shape one’s

Express India July 4 2008 CLM Reddy Head, Courts Informatics Division, National Informatics Centre, gave a comprehensive overview of the state of affairs vis-à-vis the ongoing computerization of the Indian judicial system. By Pujya Trivedi   Former President APJ Abdul Kalam Azad

Good Parliamentarians largely remain unsung, rues study

Waxing eloquent in a heated television debate or appearing on the national news network is one thing, and being a good Parliamentarian is another. Unfortunately, most people do not even know the names of the best performing members of Parliament

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