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WHO PAYS? The Global Crises And What Needs To Be Done

The 2011 figures show that economic performance and well being of the people do not go hand in hand. Progress on education, health and nutrition was already too slow when gross income was growing fast. While using the latest available

Basic Capability Index and Gender Equity Index methodology meeting. 16th April 2011, New Delhi: National Social Watch organized a Brainstorming meeting on Basic Capability Index (BCI) & Gender Equity Index (GEI) Methodology on 16th April 2011 at India Islamic Cultural Centre. Gender Equity

By: Swati Sahi 03 July 2007 One “There is no dearth of schemes; there is no dearth of funds. What needs to be done is to deliver the intended outcomes.” These were the words of the Finance Minister in his

Gujarat Social Watch has come up with study and analysis of the works of this Indian state Legislative Assembly-10th session of 12th assembly, as the elections are due in December this year. The book “Vidhantantra-Am Adami Ni Najare” is an

Parliament is wasting time on political controversies, reveals the Citizen's Report on Governance and Development-2006, prepared by the National Social Watch Coalition, that was released on Thursday by former Prime Minister I.K. Gujral. Indian Parliament has shown a marked decline

Facilitated by Asian Network for Free Elections, Bangkok on 6th December 2012

The health of political parties and electoral process are the most important markers of healthy democracy. Hence it is crucial to maintain the health of these two necessary factors in sustaining a democratic process. The cancer of corruption is actually

Press Note: Better Heath is the Constitutional Rights of every individual and it is the prime responsibility of Centre and State to ensue the better health of their citizens. It not only the government but it is also the responsibility of

Even as the average Indian continues to slog it out in the big bad world, the fortunes of many of the MPs he has elected have seen an exponential growth in the five years from 2004 to 2009.Leaving the aam

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