Karnataka Social Watch

Karnataka Social Watch (KSW) is a federation of active, dynamic, and vibrant voluntary organizations, academia which has undertaken the responsibility of improving the process of governance and administration in Karnataka. It believes in collective efforts to bring about meaningful change in sustainable development in education, adult literacy, health of weaker sections like women children, human rights, gender issues etc.

It endeavours to find the weak links in governance and suggest ways to improve the functioning of the same so that the common citizens in general and marginalized in particular are able to associate them with the process of governance and development for ensuring materialisation of their entitlements.

Karnataka Social Watch Report 2009-10 was released in Bangalore on the 11th November, 2010. The report looks into Democracy and Performance of the Government of Karnataka, Parliamentarians of 14th Lok Sabha (2004-2009) Karnataka, Status of children rights in Karnataka, Status of women – Domestic workers, Urban Governance, Police Reforms: Non compliance of Karnataka to the Supreme Court Directives, Is the Government of Karnataka Committed to an effective State Human Rights Commission?, etc. The release event was covered by media like DNA India.       
Contact Address:

Mr. Gururaja Budhya
Karnataka Social Watch, Urban Research Centre
E-1, Maithree Apartments
6th Main, 15th Cross, Malleswaram
Bangalore – 560 003, Karnataka
Phone: 080-23364509
Fax: 080-22921033
Mobile: 09448849353
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