IntroductionIndia is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. With the pace of globalization India is facing several security threats. Naxalism is one of the biggest threats to India's national development and internal security. The states of Chhattisgarh,

The largest minority of India which consists nearly 17 to 20 percent of the population shares the strained relationship with the new elected government. 2014-15 Budget had three main highlights for minorities let’s analyze all three celebrated points of the

India has 13 million child labourers. Unofficial sources cite 100 million. 75% of them work in hazardous conditions, for 18 hours every day, only to earn Rs 15 as their daily wage. Children are sold by their parents for as

 In contemporary era, it has been seen the word ‘Governance’ has always been used as a medicine to overcome from all the problems related to crisis and underdevelopment. Most of the time, it has been used as a metaphor for

  Background Today's is a world of change and revolution. With this changing environment, the nature of governance often changes depending on the intensity and speed of transition within and around societies.  Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are playing an increasingly important

  • Parliament
  • NSW monitors the health of Indian Parliament by examining and establishing some worrying trends in the way in which the Parliament functions and conducts its business. Read more
  • Judiciary
  • NSW study the specific cases to understand the mind of the Judiciary. Under this section NSW analyzes issues and proposals on judicial accountability and reforms. Read more
  • Executive
  • NSW analyses the structural challenges in the Executive such as the conflict of interest between the Parliament and the Executive and within the Executive and related issues. Read more