Dr. V. Rukmini Rao (Member Trustee)

Dr. V. Rukmini Rao is a member trustee of National Social Watch. She is Executive Director of the Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) and on the Boards of the Deccan Development Society (DDS) and Gramya (Gramya Resource Centre for Women, which she founded). She also was a founding member and worked for many years with Saheli (Saheli Women’s resource Centre) in Delhi.

Rukmini Rao has had prestigious fellowships in India, Australia, Europe and China. She has lectured on development education in many countries including Europe, Australia and India. She has also worked with several European aid organisations in India to promote women’s development.

In recent years she has also been involved with Watershed Development Programs to ensure women have access and control to common property resources such as land and water She was a member of the research steering committee for The Agha Khan Foundation for the Management of Environmental Resources by Communities. She was a founding Member of Asmita Centre for Women. She was also a member of the Governing Body of LEPRA India (leprosy eradication) and has served on and advised many government standing committees in Andhra Pradesh and for the National Government of India.

Highlights of her recent work with DDS involved organising rural women towards self-reliance. DDS currently works with self-sustaining women’s sangams in 70 villages and the model is being fostered into and copied by NGOs in other areas. Gramya has exposed the sale of girl babies and trafficking for adoption in Andhra Pradesh.


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